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Wether your looking for new promotional bags, custom printed office supplies or a complete packaging concept for your store, it can be hard to wrap your head around all the different material choices and product options. Therefor, a meeting in our showrooms is always a good place to start. Have a look around while talking to one of our packaging experts - your meeting will be creative, concrete and effective. See you!


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Book a meeting below! Choose what products you’d like to discuss during the meeting. A showroom visit is of course both free and without any commitment promises.


You’ll find our office and three showrooms at S:t Eriksgatan 60 in Stockholm City. Our showrooms are packed with packaging, bags and custom printed products for a wide range of companies and occassions.

Be inspired

Feel different materials, view different types of printing and lamination. Here you have the chance to create a product that fits your requirements.


Book your inspiration meeting below, or you are welcome to a spontaneous meeting when it suits you. We’re here between 8-17. See you!

What's really going on in Avisera's showroom?

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