Climate neutral packaging

Products that carry the ÅterBära™ label are 100% climate neutral. We calculate the amount of emissions generated throughout the entire process, then offset all these carbon emissions by supporting certified tree planting in South America.



We love packagings. To help people and companies display, protect and carry things of value – be it a brand, a product or an idea. We are constantly seeking the best solution for each customer, while never forgetting the most important question: How much can the world carry?

We never take more than we give. Nature is our best supplier, our relationship and mutual trust is invaluable.

By planting trees for each product labelled with ÅterBära™, we compensate for all carbon emissions originating from that product. This means that you get a product that is 100% climate neutral.


The carbon offsetting for Avisera’s climate neutral products occurs through certified tree planting. Tree planting projects, which are certified according to Gold Standard, contribute to a reduction in poverty and to a sustainable environment.

In addition to the trees absorbing carbon dioxide and making local communities less vulnerable to climate change, the project also creates jobs, giving small farmers not only more sources of income but also more stable ones.

Gold Standard works with long-term support, enabling vulnerable societies to manage their natural resources in a more sustainable way.

The trees are planted in Colombia through the Vegachi project. The project provides small farmers with new economic opportunities, a diversification of income and more robust agriculture.

Replanting also contributes to greater biological diversity and the maintenance of ecosystem services such as regulating water flows and reducing erosion.

Climate analysis with life cycle perspective

We have done analyses with a life-cycle perspective to calculate the climate impact of selected products


We have done analyses with a life-cycle perspective of the climate impact (in terms of carbon emissions) of selected products . The climate analysis covers all stages of the process, from the production of each raw material through to delivery of the product to the customer.

It includes the path from production of the raw materials, materials used in packaging for transportation, transportation services, energy usage in production, printing and finally distribution to the customer.

Furthermore, to ensure that the products are 100% climate neutral, margins are also accounted for in the analysis.

The result of the climate analysis and the climate impact of the various products have been compiled in a report. To obtain a copy of the report, please contact Rosanna Lundgren, the Project Manager for ÅterBära™.



of Swedish consumers consider carbon offsetting a good way for companies to take responsibility.

Klimat Attityd Rapport, Naturvårdsverket 2015


of Swedish consumers consider it important that companies are reducing their climate emissions.

Klimat Attityd Rapport, Naturvårdsverket 2015


of Swedish consumers are willing to pay more for products from climate neutral companies.

Klimat Attityd Rapport, Naturvårdsverket 2015

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Avisera was among the first in the packaging industry to become FSC® certified and we have long engaged in systematic environmental efforts within the framework of an environmental management system, certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

At Avisera, we follow up the climate impact of the business annually in accordance with the international framework Greenhouse Gas Protocol and work actively to reduce emissions. Moreover, Avisera offsets carbon for all emissions through our Gold Standard certified projects. Now we also want to work to influence the packaging.

Now we also want to work to influence the packaging industry to move in the right direction. As the products affect the environment throughout the entire life cycle, the focus is on reducing the environmental impact through collaboration with suppliers, partners and certified projects that allow us to develop packaging solutions with an improved environmental performance. As part of our efforts, we have created the concept ÅterBära™, with 100% climate neutral packaging.

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Kontakta Rosanna Lundgren, Projektledare, Avisera AB