Our approach

 Avisera is a climate compensating company specialising in providing high quality products, with minimal environmental impact at every stage of the process. Focusing on quality is one way of protecting the environment. Through a comprehensive product range, customers have the freedom to choose products that together enable us to create solutions that contribute to a more sustainable society.
Feel free to download our environmental report (pdf) and find out about our code of conduct.



Avisera pursues its environmental efforts within the scope of its ISO 14001 certified environmental management system.


Avisera annually reports on our total energy usage and emission of greenhouse gases in a Climate report. In order to guide the business towards having even less of an impact on the climate, Avisera is working on a challenging climate goal on how to reduce our emissions over the coming years.

Avisera has been working to reduce our carbon footprint for a long time and since 2007 we have chosen to offset the emission of greenhouse gases that we nevertheless still produce. In addition to calculating the emissions and taking steps to reduce them, Avisera purchases emission rights corresponding to our total greenhouse gas emissions. See certificate.


Since 2010, Avisera has been a proud member of the Climate alliance, a collaboration between the City of Stockholm and businesses operating in the Stockholm region.


In order to meet our strict environmental goals, it is important for our suppliers and partners to be ambitious in their efforts to reduce their environmental impact.

We encourage them to use the Greenhouse Gas Protocol guidelines to measure their climate impact; to transparently report their company’s climate impact; to measure and follow up defined climate goals that govern their business’s climate efforts; and to offset their total greenhouse gas emissions

Avisera is FSC® certified

You can feel confident that our products have been manufactured responsibly, at every stage of the process.


The Forest Stewardship CouncilⓇ is an independent international membership organisation whose rules safeguard endangered animals and plants, the ability of the land to grow forest in the future, safe and sound working conditions for people working in the forest and the rights of indigenous peoples.

The FSCⓇ label means that consumers and companies can choose products made of wood that come from responsibly managed forests, i.e. forestry management that respects people and the environment.


Only FSCⓇ certified businesses can offer products labelled with the FSCⓇ quality label.

As an FSCⓇ certified supplier, Avisera can verify that the wood used is produced in a responsible manner and that we take responsibility for contributing to a more sustainable future.

Ask for Avisera’s FSCⓇ certified products (license number: C110916).

Read our latest Environmental report!