Social responsibility

Everyone deserves reasonable working conditions and a sensible salary, regardless of where in the world they live. We are happy to take our responsibility by making sure that our suppliers live up to an acceptable standard when it comes to pay, working hours and other conditions for their employees. We also want them to act responsibly when it comes to sourcing of raw material, use of fresh water, energy and other things that may affect the community or environment, either directly or indirectly.


To make sure that our suppliers live up to Avisera’s CSR demands, we evaluate them every year.

We encourage and push our supplier to always improve their sustainability work – related to both environmental impact and social responsibility.


As we improve our standard for our own operations, we gradually increase the requirements we set on our suppliers. During this process, it is natural to run into problems and challenges now and then. If a supplier cannot meet our requirements, work towards improvements must be initiated. If this is not possible, or if the improvements we were promised are not realised, we will move our business elsewhere.

We have ambitious standards for our suppliers. When you choose Avisera, you are also choosing safe conditions for workers, sustainability and responsibility for the planet and the community.

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