Our quality work

We actively work to keep our operations, our products and our suppliers at a high and consistent quality level. Avisera is FSC® certified, quality and environmental certified within ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Both processes and routines need to be in place and the products we supply need to be assessed to meet our and our customers quality standards.


We have a structured approach to help us ensure that all products and services we deliver are of a high and consistent quality. This requires that we keep good order in all parts of our operations.

Every year, independent quality revisions are completed according to ISO 9001. Our ISO 9001 certification sets requirements on documented processes and routines for all major parts of our operations.


In addition to being selective when it comes to the choice of our partners and manufacturers, we have high demands on material range, environmental certifications, and that the finished product maintain the right quality standard.

All of our products undergo thorough quality control in several stages, both before production, under and after – all because we know how important it is to maintain the highest quality level and meet your requirements and expectations.

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High quality products

Since our products work as an extension of your brand, we put a lot of effort into supplying products of a quality that meets or exceeds your expectations. All of our products are subject to strict quality assessments during different stages of the production process.


In order to meet the high quality standards we set ourselves and to exceed expectations of you as a customer, we execute quality controls of our products.

A quality control of a product may include checking how well the the colour matching to the customer’s PMS code is accomplished, how printing results look, execution and that the material is up to expected quality.

The quality controls are performed both during production and then once more to check the finished result.

We gauge the thickness of the plastic

Colour matching is verified

Print quality check


We guarantee that our packaging tape is of the highest quality and that the amount of tape on the roll is correct.

To make sure that our packaging tape is of the highest standard, random samples are taken from running production to be checked using laboratory equipment.


Thanks to our length and quality warranty you can rest assured that your packaging tape has the very best properties of all tape available on the market.

Our length and quality warranty assures that the adhesive, colour, print, length, tensile strength and adhesion of our packaging tape all meet strict quality requirements.

Correct amount of tape on the roll

Verification of tape adhesion

Test and verification of tensile strength.

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