Turning vision into reality

Our design department will assist you with everything from basic print originals and visualization to development of completely new and customized solutions. It is up to you how much of the work you want to do yourself and where you want our help!







Before you place your order, you can opt for a visualization that shows what your finished product will look like.
Just submit your logo, any graphics and colour codes and describe the ideas and requests you have.

If you have a graphical manual we would love to get access to it. Our designers will then create a visualization to show what the finished product will look like.

Placing your order


If you do not have a print-ready original we can assist you with the creation of one. We can take care of anything from vectorising your logotype to adjusting existing print files or image editing like extraction, retouching or colour balancing.

If you rather make your own print originals, contact us before you get started, and we will send you the appropriate template for your product. That way you can easily see where the printable areas are and what bleed you need to provide. After we receive your files we will check them to make sure everything is technically correct. If anything is in the need to be adjusted, we will let you know.

Before your order goes to print you will get a final proof for review and approval.

Development projects & graphical design


If you are looking for something beyond what is in our standard product range, we will develop a product or solution to fulfil your specific requirements. No matter if you have a finished concept ready to be implemented or just the hint of an idea, we will help you get to the finish line.

Working with our designers and product developers you can get precisely what you are asking for and nothing else. Or you could tell us about your vision for your company and how packaging can help you realize it. Then you can leave everything from sketches, construction and procurement to design, prototyping and production to us. We make your vision come to life!

In order to finish development of new products on time, we need to get started in time. Don’t wait to long before scheduling your first appointment!

If we get an early start on the project we can provide a reasonable time plan, with enough time set aside for prototyping, testing and adjustments.


Do you need a new logotype, a stylish pattern or illustrations to go with your order?

Let us know! We can assist you with more than you think.

Looking for a helping hand? We are happy to share our knowledge, experience and ideas about packaging solutions