We stock your packaging products


Withdrawals when it suits you – always open

Your web shop is accessible around the clock. Make withdrawals any day of the week, we have solutions tailored for both large chains and individual stores.

Track stock levels & usage

It is easy to see how much of each product you have left. Under the tab ”Order history” you will find information about all your previous withdrawals.

Make room for more than boxes

Are you short of space? Avoid large deliveries and boxes that take up all the available space. With a delivery time of 1-3 days you only need to store part of the goods in your warehouse.

Möjlighet till större inköp = lägre priser

Beställ hela din årsförbrukning på en gång, större kvantitet innebär ofta lägre priser.

how it works

1. Ordering

You place your order with your contact person at Avisera, as you normally would. However, it is now possible to place a larger order, for example your annual supply, and then outsource warehousing to Avisera.

2. Warehousing

Avisera will stock as much or as little of your goods as you like. By only keeping what you need on site, you will free up a lot of space for other things.

3. Withdrawals

With your login to Avisera’s customer-specific web shop, you can log in day or night to make withdrawals. You get a complete overview of your stock levels and previous orders. It is easy to keep track of your usage and what is in stock.

4. Delivery

After placing your order the goods will be delivered within 1-3 days or on your preferred delivery date. With the help of the web shop solution, you get a clear overview and can easily see when it is time to place a new order and restock.


Since 2012, more than 1,200 users have made use of Avisera’s web shop solution with warehousing, and their numbers keep growing.

Among other things, Avisera warehouses store packaging for customers including MOOD Stockholm, Designtorget, Synsam and Apoteksgruppen i Sverige AB.

Apoteksgruppen is a pharmacy chain that consists of 165 pharmacies, which are owned by about 180 owner-managers. Apoteksgruppen’s different stores around the country make withdrawals on a daily basis from Avisera.

What is your business like? Should the head office make withdrawals for the various stores in the chain, or do you want all the branches to have their own web shop logins? We have a variety of solutions to suit your requirements, contact us for more information.